The London Shipwreck: An Update

Investigations undertaken this summer on the London shipwreck have revealed a wealth of fascinating objects hidden beneath the sunken the timbers of the 17th Century warship. Following the raising of a perfectly-preserved gun carriage on the 11th of August, over 150 smaller objects have since been recovered. Many of these objects were lying trapped beneath the carriage for the past 350 years and have included linstocks, intricately decorated ceramic and wooden hand spikes.

Some of Southend Museums Service’s ‘Shipwreck Volunteers’ have recently had the chance to work with some of these freshly-excavated objects. Danielle Jeffries and Mimi Nuzzo, two of our most dedicated volunteers, spent a day working with the finds in the archaeology stores. They both worked hard to meticulously photograph over 150 waterlogged objects to send to the Receiver of Wreck with the accompanying paperwork for the finds.

The volunteers were also filmed hard at work by ITV news for a feature on the London and Southend Museums Service’s quest to raise sufficient funding to facilitate the return of the three cannons stolen from the wreck. The hard work and dedication of volunteers like Mimi and Danielle have been invaluable in the efforts to investigate the wreck and to preserve its finds for future generations of visitors to Southend’s museums.


Above: Volunteers Danielle and Mimi unpacking some of the London wreck finds during filming.



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